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Dont Stress... Detox!!!

Did you overeat during the holidays? Have you been overloading your body with too much rich food, alcohol, sugar, and dairy?

It is not always mandatory to go on a very low-calorie detox diet, what is important is knowing your body well and including food that will help you feel lighter and energetic.

The best part about this detox is you don’t need to buy exotic, high priced food. What you need can be easily available in the local market.

Some key notes :

– Frequent very low-calorie detox is not advisable.

– People with certain health issues should consult an expert before planning.

– Our body needs all the nutrients in a balanced amount. Out of which carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are the main three macro-nutrients essential for smooth body functioning. So even in detox do not skip any of these nutrients.

– After the detox, include omitted food one at a time to take note of any symptoms arise such as stomach distress, sluggishness or aching joints; these can be indicators of certain intolerance.

– Early dinner. At least 4-5 hours before bedtime will help in better digestion.

– Involve yourself in physical activity at least for 30 minutes (minimum mandatory requirement).

– You may lose fast through detox but keeping that weight off would be a bigger challenge. That can be achieved with customized meal planning.

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