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Namita kurdekar, 38

Self Employed

Initial weight: 162 pounds
Duration: 2 months
Current weight: 148 pounds
Program: Health Management plan
Location: California, USA

Enjoyed working with Kirti on my diet regimen. She is all ears and is willing to work around with clients needs and limitations. Her diet plans are pretty straight forward, well balanced and provides ample of food options which shall keep one away from food deprival. Her diet contributed me tremendously to keep my blood sugar in control along with eliminating the morning puffiness “Edema”.

Sandeep Kolape, 37

IT Professional

Initial weight: 91 kgs
Targeted weight: 75 kgs
Weight lost: 8 kgs
Duration (ongoing): Achieved in 2 months
Program: Weight management plan
Location: Thane, Mumbai.

I am very happy with the meal plans designed by Kirti as they are quite practical and simple to make. Feel very motivated as I am progressing towards my goal in much healthier way. Good that I contacted Kirti Muthal at the right time before it was too late.

Dineshwari T, 59

Founder member as well as a Trustee of NGO and Retired lecturer

Initial weight: 59kgs
Weight lost: 9kgs (Target achieved)
Duration: 3 months
Program: Therapeutic Plan
Location: Borivali, Mumbai.

With constant knee pain my activities got hampered. Hence it had become very necessary that I lose excess weight only with the help of diet. I met Kirti for the first time and was relieved to know that she was not advocating drastic plans. In fact, her diet plans were balanced and included almost all types of foods, there were no hunger pangs and still I was losing weight constantly. Fat mass in my body has reduced considerably and so has visceral fat. There has been a steady decrease in inches too. The best thing about this diet is one can follow it for life and now I also know that what combination of food needs to be eaten. Even if there will be occasional indulgences, it will be easy to get back to healthy ways. Hence I would happily recommend Kirti Muthal to anybody who wants to lose weight in a healthy way.

Madhavi Joshi, 48

Owns a Business

Initial weight: 79 kgs
Weight lost: 13 kgs
Duration: 4 months
Program: Therapeutic plan
Location: Malad, Mumbai.

It was the time when I was worried about the weight that I was gaining day by day. Earlier I tried controlling food intake on my own but was of no I am a working women, was hardly getting any time to work out as well. So my worries and my weight went on increasing. I started getting knee joint pains while rushing to work. It became a hurdle in my routine life. My movements were slowed down. After knowing my case history and my lifestyle Kirti assured me that her diet program will definitely help me in losing weight and very soon the results started showing up on the weigh scale, which boosted my spirit and confidence.
The diet plans that Kirti provides are really balanced and nutritious. It was really a great experience with Kirti.

Asmita Shirambekar, 39

Senior Manager (Finance) in a PSU.

Initial weight: 84 Kgs
Weight Lost: 18.5 Kg
Duration: 8 Months
Program: Therapeutic plan
Location: Borivali, Mumbai

Being overweight, I used to feel unenergetic & unfit. when I consulted Kirti my emphasize was on the most important issue i.e. I want to lose weight but not at the cost of my health and I do not want crash diets. Kirti has always ensured my daily diet will include all the essential nutrients. Gradually I started losing weight without much exercise and change in my daily routine. I really feel energetic and healthy. Kirti also guided me for my maintenance diet plan with a strict warning to follow it. A big thank you to her and I highly recommend to follow her diet plans if you want to lose weight and gain health as a bonus!! Thank you.

Jyoti Shirambekar, 45

IT Professional

Initial weight: 80 Kgs
Weight Lost: 6 Kgs
Duration: 6 weeks
Target weight: 65 kgs
Program: weight management plan
Location: Borivali, Mumbai

Met Kirti 1.5 months back. Taking my profession and lifestyle into account my meal plans are quite simple to follow, no hunger pangs in between rather I am eating more than I was earlier. Her special diet plan during travel also helps me alot while chosing the right food. I have full confidence that with Kirti’s balanced diet plan, I will be able to lose weight further and achieve my target to lose 15 kgs more.

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