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Gestational Diabetes Management

Pregnancy comes with many life changing events in woman’s life. Every trimester has its own impact on woman’s health. One may experience severe vomiting, morning sickness or drowsiness at early stage. Such changes go on with every coming month. Gestational Diabetes is one of those changes.

What is Gestational Diabetes and how different it is from Type I or II diabetes?

Women without any history of diabetes but whose blood glucose levels are high during pregnancy are said to have gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes occurs due to weight gain during pregnancy which causes Insulin resistance leading to high blood sugar level.

On the other hand, type I and II diabetes may occur to anyone due to impaired insulin secretion.

Causes of Gestational diabetes

  • Family history of diabetes – Hereditary

  • Obesity

  • Borderline sugar levels known as pre-diabetic

  • History of Gestational diabetes during previous pregnancy

  • PCOD – higher risk of Gestational diabetes


  • Difficult to detect unless blood tests are done

  • Excess thirst or Hunger

Is it worrisome if a pregnant woman acquires Gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is usually checked between weeks 24 and 28 of your pregnancy. This helps to avoid complications during delivery.

In case of continuous elevated glucose level one has to depend on insulin or other medicines.

The blood glucose level may come back to normal after delivery but there are high chances of getting Type II diabetes in later years.

How can I manage my gestational diabetes?

Follow a healthy eating pattern

Seek professional help in identifying your eating pattern, food choices & amount.

Eating too much or too less will have negative impact on Glucose levels.

Be physically active

Physical activity like walking or Yoga(under supervision) can help you control blood glucose to a certain level.

Can I avoid gestational diabetes?

Yes! Gestational diabetes can be avoided by correcting our lifestyle – mainly our food choices.

Lot of disorders are connected to obesity which if managed before pregnancy can easily avoid gestational diabetes.

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