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Do's and Don'ts of Healthy Weight Loss

Do : A personalized diet plan helps you lose weight and body fat faster.

Don't: General diet plans don't give the required results.

Do : Follow a diet program that helps you correct your lifestyle.

Don't: Stressing your body for faster results do more harm than good.

Do : Keep an exercise routine along with a healthy eating pattern.

Don't: Just exercising won't give you the required results.

Do : Eating at regular intervals helps you lose weight.

Don't: Don't starve yourself to look thin. You may lose more muscles than fats.

Do : Include all the nutrients in your diet.

Don't: Sticking to only 1 or 2 nutrients poses serious nutrient deficiencies.

Do : Keep moving after every 30 minutes.

Don't: Sitting in one place for too long, results in a sluggish metabolism.

Do : Find healthy options for in-between snacking such as puffed rice, roasted fox seeds,

and greek yogurt.

Don't: Avoid packaged snacks for high sodium, trans fats, and preservatives. Keep its

intake low.

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