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Weight Loss In Mind? Don't Starve... Eat Well!

Dieting is normally associated with eating soup & salad or starving! This is a huge misconception!

Everyone knows numerous plans for weight loss. But few make it their lifestyle.

Food that you have been consuming since childhood is the best comfort food while losing weight. No need to manipulate your food preferences.

The second important factor is calorie intake.

An average Indian male requires approximately between 1800 – 2200 calories per day whereas for females it is approximately between 1500 – 1800 calories.

Diet plans are highly customized for every individual depending on age, physical activity, Gender, Height, climatic conditions & existing health Issues.

Some easy but important recommendations,

– Keeping yourself hydrated is of utmost importance. Many times thirst is misunderstood as hunger.

– Hunger pangs are observed more or less in the evenings when we have little time to relax. Grab some healthy options like poha (flattened rice) chiwda or veg. Sandwich.

– In case of heavy snacking in the evening, put stomach at rest. Manage further intake.

– Unlike other meals, last meal of the day needs to be lighter. As the day passes our overall activities tend to become slow. So does digestion.

– Avoid sleeping immediately after dinner since such a habit may pose some serious health problems.

– Avoid consumption of fruits immediately after dinner.

No food is bad until you consume it in moderation.

Any plan which can help you maintain your lost weight without extra efforts will help in the long run in spite of occasional binging.

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